The Co-Founders

Breakthrough Houses is the lifelong goal of husband and wife team Rick and Kerry-Ann Mapperson.  Rick and Kerry-Ann have devoted many years to the provision of emergency foster care in their own home and have witnessed firsthand the degree of damage that comes from removing children from their families.

Professional Team

A range of valuable life skills is taught by suitable qualified professionals who conduct regular classes and individual support as required. Currently, our team consists of:

  • Dr Nilmimi Rajadurai – General Practitioner
  • Lyn Spokes – Licensed and university-qualified counsellor
  • Rick Mapperson – Licensed financial planner
  • Sean McMartin – Bachelor of Psychological Science
  • Reverend Kerry-Ann Mapperson – Marriage counsellor

Various other professionals are called upon from time to time for their specific areas of expertise.  Any and all individuals who are involved with Breakthrough Houses have been screened and evaluated for their suitability to the cause.