Breakthrough Houses is an organisation that was established by husband and wife team Rick and Kerry-Ann Mapperson. After devoting many years to providing emergency foster care, and seeing for themselves the destruction of the family unit, Rick and Kerry-Ann realised that a desperate need existed for a support function that would prioritise the family unit. Many of the children who came to their home via foster care returned multiple times, stuck in a miserable, ongoing cycle. A long-term solution to heal the family as a whole would address this.

It was abundantly obvious that children who were removed from their families suffered long term difficulties with community and peer inclusion, self esteem, educational achievements and employment. Rick and Kerry-Ann saw a need to equip families who are at risk of displacement, with the necessary skills that they lacked so that families can stay together. They would be housed in a supervised and supportive environment that offers guidance, counselling and real world assistance.

With the assistance of committed and skilled professionals, Breakthrough Houses became a reality in 2004.

Rick and Kerry-Ann like to sum it up as follows:

“Rather than be the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff, Breakthrough Houses aims to be the fence at the top of the cliff.”