The Solution

Breakthrough House is a caring, supervised and safe home for families at risk to live in whilst undergoing rehabilitation and learning vital life skills. Parents and children can remain together so that they can learn to live peacefully, as a family.


Breakthrough Houses offers:

  • Supervised, live-in solutions so that families may remain together whilst receiving critical support.
  • 24/7 supervision.
  • Access to services that provide rehabilitation, counselling and financial and community support.

Breakthrough Houses aims to reset the path by providing families at risk with guidance, support, education and real assistance … and our number one priority is on keeping the family unit together.

Most often, children are the innocent and most tragic victims when their parents’ problems impact upon the entire family. At Breakthrough Houses, we believe that if we can rehabilitate the parents, then the whole family will benefit and stay together permanently. Sometimes a high needs child can be the reason for the family crisis and this can be addressed as part of helping the family to function better.


We will not give up on the family structure

Family is valuable and vital. We work to educate and repair the family so that they can go on to sustain the changes we’ve helped them make. Children who are displaced via the various authorities face lifelong and potentially tragic consequences.


Practical assistance with family the priority

At Breakthrough Houses, our role is not to judge or to condescend. Every human being deserves to be treated with dignity, respect and understanding.

Instead of giving up on the family structure we want to help families transition to becoming healthy and functional.

Breakthrough Houses does not take in those who are voluntarily homeless. Sadly, there are families who are living in cars because they cannot afford rent. These families would be eligible to make application to Breakthrough Houses.


Strong families improve the life chances of individual family members.


How does Breakthrough Houses do this? Click here.